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24×7 Ambulance Service

Sanjeevani Ambulance Service. is located in the heart of Mumbai city. A locally owned and operated company, since 2001. Our professional staff of paramedics and emergency medical technicians will ensure that you receive only the very best care for any medical emergency you may have. Sanjeevani Ambulance cares about you! From the most severe trauma incident to personal non-emergency medical transport, Mumbai’s professional staff will watch over you safety and wellbeing. We will be at your side within a heartbeat, bringing you the finest care possible. When it comes to medical care for you and your loved ones, trust in Sanjeevani Ambulance . The technology and the professionalism will show…. Sanjeevani Ambulance cares about YOU!

Oldest owned and operated in Mumbai City
On call 24/7, 365 days a year
Advanced technology in all ambulances
Emergency and non-emergency transport
Ask for Sanjeevani Ambulance by name
Nursing home and outpatient transport specialists
Advanced Systems, Advanced Care

Over 17 years ago, Sanjeevani Ambulance was the first to use a radio communication system with hospital emergency rooms, actually installing the system and training medical personnel on how to use the technology. Sanjeevani Ambulance has continued to ensure the very best in patient care.

With a workforce of highly trained paramedics utilizing state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology, our Advanced Life Support fleet is able to deliver the highest standard of quality care.

The equipment includes cardiac monitors and CPAP breathing machines. Sanjeevani Ambulance provides specialized teams transports with area hospitals.

Our dispatch communications staff is specially trained in emergency medical dispatching and utilizes innovative computer-aided software integrated with GPS technology.

Sanjeevani Ambulance vehicles are equipped with radios allowing for constant communication with our dispatch center as well as local emergency and fire departments. Units are also outfitted with cellular phones providing a back-up line of communication in the event of a disaster.

Experience and Education
Over the years, Sanjeevani Ambulance has earned a reputation as the company that cares. Understanding a patient’s personal needs and delivering compassionate service in a moment of crisis is not something that can be taught. It comes from a sincere place in the hearts of our experienced emergency professionals.

However, grasping a patient’s medical needs does require specialized and ongoing training. All of Mumbai’s emergency medical technicians maintain certifications and training that meet or exceed established state and federal guidelines.

Saving Lives, Helping People
Beyond emergency services, Sanjeevani Ambulance is also equipped to provide non-emergency transportation. Whether you or a loved one needs local or long distance transport, Sanjeevani Ambulance offers the reassurance of safety and comfort.

Sanjeevani Ambulance plays an active role in the community by providing event standby services for community events such as the Illinois State Fair as well as continuing education and CPR classes for schools and other groups.

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